¡Hola Papi! on NPR Today

Advice on isolation and an interview with Maria Hinojosa

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Reader, I believe we lead by example. So when I say it’s OK if you’re not feeling creative right now, know that I’m doing my best to extend that grace to myself.

I must stress, however, that this is easier said than done and I still want nothing more than to crack my brain open like an egg and make an omelette. I want to write again, make things again, turn all the shapes and sentences floating around my mind into something coherent and worthwhile. But that’s just not available to me at the moment.

So, what to do?

Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with Maria Hinojosa on NPR addressing that very question along with some other letters from people who are facing unique challenges while in isolation. Just hit the button below to listen! I hope it brings you comfort, or happiness, or that it merely fills some minutes in your day.


It’s really such an honor to be in conversation with Maria, a journalist I’ve admired for a long time. It’s also nice to, at times, think back on how far this column has come. But not too much, of course. That’s how you get mal de ojo.

Reader, wherever you are in all this, I hope you’re taking care of yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. It’s not forever.

Con mucho amor,