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My husband had government jobs up until he retired. Becaus he was relentless and flexible, he was always able to get a transfer to either another city or another department in order to get closer to a goal he had. I don't know what type of government job you have, but maybe you could get a transfer or a new government job in or near New York City and first try out just living there and getting into some theatre gigs there without giving up your income. Keep your eyes open; get on government websites' job opening email lists or peruse their job opening sites and see what comes up this year. Put in gov't job applications to every position that is in the area where you want to live. Ask for a lateral transfer, if possible. If you move toward what you think you want without giving up what you have, you will feel better and will also be working toward your goal. Don't blow it up and walk away without knowing what you are walking toward. Reality is never as rosy as the fantasy, but it could be good if you persue it intelligently and not emotionally.

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Hola Papi. I've got a basic question about those who seek your advice: Do you edit/polish/embellish the submissions from readers? I love your prose, but I'm starting to doubt the authenticity of your enquiring public. Normal people don't write like the majority of your submissionists. I suspect that you might be, dare I say, greasin' the wheels.

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HUGS, Papi and Stuck!

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Dear Should, I like what Papi shares, all good and well balanced. Here's what DavidnSF says, " Do it"! The community theater, there you will build confidence, develop friends. Rather than blowing through the savings, how about a larger apartment? Splash of color? New rug? (Home goods)? HomoDepot Carrie's nice rugs and fairly inexpensive.

Try cooking and inviting one or two peeps from theater? Maybe work?

Whatever you do "Shine on"!!

I appreciate the share of your past, Girl, you've come a long way.... don't stop.

Visit NYC, take a show in. Visit D.C. museums free and good food.

All the best to you and remember: Easy does it and one day at a time


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